Emergency Preparedness Week 4

Clothing items
  1. Clean a space for the emergency bags and bins
  2. Gather bags: Ziplocs, backpacks, grocery bags, waste bags, and permanent markers
  3. Papers. print lists, make copies of important documents
  4. Clothing
  5. Hygiene
  6. Mental health, stimulation, and comfort
  7. Water
  8. Food
  9. Survival Gear
  10. Pets

Gather clothing! The most economical way to do this is by gathering items you would donate and no longer wear. Another option is Goodwill or any secondhand shops. I’ve also had a lot of luck shopping clearance. Aim for basics that are timeless, and multi-functional.

Plan for 3 days. 3 tops, 3 bottoms, 3 pairs of socks and underwear, 1 bra. For babies and toddlers aim for a few sizes up, since these bags may go a while without being used (you don’t want to run out the door to find out that your bag is filled with 2t and your toddler is 4t).

See the previous post on lists (week 3) to help keep track. Roll the items up into a gallon Ziploc bag from week 2, and store everything back in its designated spot.

In case there are any items you may be lacking in your donation pile, Goodwill search, or your clearance dives, I have some affiliate links to give you ideas.

A plastic covering. Not really clothing, and can use a trash bag instead, but these are $10 for 6 and easy to set aside in emergency bags.
5 Pack hiking socks for $24.99. Makes it easy to divide between bags and will keep your feet warm if the power goes out or if your on the run from zombies.
2 Pack shorts for $18.50. Easy to roll up and store in emergency bags.
$21.99 for all 3! There are plenty of leggings to choose from and colors. I wear leggings everywhere, and if I’m on the run I want to be comfortable.
$18 for 6 onesies, up to 24m. Size up as much as possible. Store a few in the diaper bag. Store a few in the emergency bag. Perfect.
Baby/ Toddler pants. $16 for 4. Size up and stow a few between the diaper bag and the emergency bag.

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