Emergency Preparedness Week 3

Week 3! Ya’ll still with me?

  1. Clean a space for the emergency bags and bins
  2. Gather bags: Ziplocs, backpacks, grocery bags, waste bags, and permanent markers
  3. Papers. print lists, make copies of important documents
  4. Clothing
  5. Hygiene
  6. Mental health, stimulation, and comfort
  7. Water
  8. Food
  9. Survival Gear
  10. Pets

Grab your vital documents and make copies. This will include things like: ID, health insurance cards, birth certificates, passports, vaccine records (for yourself, kids, and pets!), marriage certificates, car titles, and doctors contact information. Along with paper copies for your bags, if you feel secure, also store these in a cloud service (in case of fire, you’ll have a digital backup. Be sure to take extra security precautions).

Along with all this paper, make sure you also stash $20 aside for emergencies. This could be a single $20 bill, or split between backpacks. This should be the bare minimum to anything additional you choose to carry and/ or maintain in your bank account.

Save the images below and print them out to keep organized.

Once you’re all done and printed out, stow everything back into it’s place!

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