5 Gifts to bring to a One-year-olds birthday party!

This post may contain affiliate links. I’m not sure how they work. Still learning here.

Coming in at $7 is the classic board book that resists the toddlers ability to destroy. This Hero Vs. Villain book is playful and colorful.

This threading apple was a favorite on our recent plane trip. For $8.99 it keeps tots intrigued at a restaurant or in the car while they work on their fine motor skills.


Toddlers are at such a fun and interactive stage! This brush and apron set is convenient and for $12 it makes for an easy gift.

A Doctor Kit is ideal to help toddlers ease doctor visit anxiety. The wood feel adds a nice weight which helps to develop strength and adds to the longevity of the toy. I am a HUGE fan of wood toys. This kit is $20! My toddler loves the stethoscope, and my dogs enjoyed chewing on the syringe.

Play kitchen accessories, like these metal pans are always awesome! If the toddler has a play kitchen, or is getting one, buy these pans! The metal is durable and sturdy. It is also chew proof (from puppies). My toddler likes to bang her various utensils on the pots and pans, and likes to listen to the clink of wood fruit toys hitting the pan. This cute Melissa & Doug set is $20!


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