Items to help survive months 6-12

You’ve made it past the newborn stage.

What next?

Whats next is tummy time. Park adventures. Sunshine. Teething. Vaccines. Sleep regressions and sleep success. Here are a few items to help you navigate months 6-12, or items you can gift to your loved one. (This post may contain affiliate links, so I may get a small commission off of your purchase )

Buy all the teething items. Our favorite was a teething mushroom my Mombella, $5. However, I bought every single teething item on Amazon. I like this mushroom because I can throw it in the sterilizer or dishwasher, and then toss it in the freezer. I love that it’s easy to care for!

Tylenol and Motrin, $8! This is definitely a must! From teething, to daycare germs and sickness, and shots, babies go through a lot! I personally recommend buying brand name, mainly because I have seen recent recalls on store brand infant pain relief for the dosages being off.

Quiet book and travel book, $12. I love this one specifically because it talks about brushing teeth. This quiet books takes you through the bed time routine. It is perfect for travel and vacations. My toddler loves to use the little bunny and tuck it into her own bed. We swaddle it in a wash cloth as part of our own bedtime routine.

This one is for the parents: And Baby Makes Three, $3-12. Relationships are hard. Babies make them harder. This book is written by the Gottman’s (well known psychologists) to help couples through this huge change. If you are having any relationship issues, or know new parents who are having a rough time, this book is a great start.

A waterproof picnic blanket ($18)! Now that baby is getting older, you can start taking the little one into direct sunlight. I grabbed my picnic blanket on clearance last year and we take it to parks all the time. Add a bottle of sunscreen and some toys and you have yourself an outdoor party! We usually grab some snacks and balls to roll on the blanket, and I usually set up under a shady tree. I personally prefer classic colors so that the blanket is more timeless and you will be able to take it more places.

Now time for some fun: a musical, space themed, pounding bench! This one is $25. I love wooden toys, and I got this one over the Hape branded one because of the space theme. It comes with three balls that you pound through the holes onto the xylophone below. My toddler still loves to play with this, and I love to have it out on display because it’s so beautiful!

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