5 Baby shower gifts that will actually get used

This post contains affiliate links. So, if you purchase from one of my links, I get a small commission. I don’t know how much. I’ve never done this before.

  1. Vitamin D drops, $20. I had no idea I was supposed to get these and use them for the first few months. In the USA, most pediatricians recommend using Vitamin D drops for the first 6 months if the baby is breastfed. In cloudier areas, they can be recommended up to 2 years!

2. Rohm sound machine $20. This is portable, so not only can you use it anywhere in the home, but for car rides and hotels too! Sound machines help to lull babies to sleep, and also allow mom and dad to do housework without worry of waking the baby. Get it for them and they will be so grateful!

3. Skip Hop Bandanna Buddies, $11-16. Something fun you can buy the happy family, any of these adorable Bandanna Buddies! My toddler has the unicorn, I also recently bought a friend the fox version and another the dinosaur version. Skip Hop is a pretty solid brand to get fun items from!

4. High contrast baby board book, $5-7. Young babies cannot really process colors, so the high contrast of the black and white will give them something interesting to look at. This will ideally engage baby long enough for the parents to eat a hot meal, or keep the baby entertained enough for the parents to talk about the book to the baby and help those budding language skills!

5. Haakaa, $13. This one is more for mom, but she will be grateful! I found it worth while to go brand name with this. Mom can use it on the opposite side when the baby nurses to catch any drips – it is liquid gold after all. It’s also handy if mom gets stuck in traffic and needs to pump, or is camping or travelling where there’s no electricity. It’s always handy to have this manual pump around!

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