Mama Monday: Trying to Conceive and Trying for a Baby (TTC and TFAB)

Everything about babies is hard, including trying to make one. Here are 5 useful products to help!

1.) Royal Jelly. This super sweet honey is great in teas. Both parents should take 1 tablespoon once a day. Not only is this super food handy for fertility, but its properties are great for overall health including the possibility of reducing inflammation.

2.) Maca Root Powder. I love taking this in powder form since it makes it easy to blend with smoothies and shakes. It almost tastes like butter scotch, the it is subjectively palatable. It is believed that Maca root helps balance hormones and energy levels.

3.) Fertility tea. Why not? Brew a Pink Stork cup of fertility tea and add in a spoonful of royal honey.

4.) Easy@Home ovulation testing strips and pregnancy tests. I love the multi-pack available on Amazon. It gave me plenty of ovulation tests to track for months, and pregnancy tests to take after the two week wait.

5.) Emily Oster: Expecting Better. There is so much fear and information out there about pregnancy and fertility. Emily is a mathematician who uses number to reassure you. This book is perfect for the mama who loves research.

View the list here on Amazon:

There are plenty of other handy tools out there when you are TTC. Those are the 5 things I could not live without!

What did you find useful while you were TTC or TFAB?

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