Mama Monday: How to stay on top of the cleaning

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It never ends. The dishes, the laundry, the dirt. The list of cleaning to dos is endless!

In order to prevent burnout, I spread out my cleaning. This way, something productive gets taken care of each day. I also give my self a lot of grace. If I can’t get to something on Monday, it’s ok. I will get to it later.

One thing I want to put out there:

Clean laundry and dishes do not define you as a parent.

You are not a bad mom or dad, husband or wife just because something is dirty. Not let’s get to work.

1.) Write down your chores and break your house down by room. Picture below:

Laundry, dishes, trash, clean out car, water plants, landscaping. Front room, office, hallway/ laundry room, guest room, guest bath, kitchen, dining room, nursery, master room, master bath.

2.) Divide the chores up. For me, I aim to get 2-3 things done a day. I work 10 hour days with a commute so I factor that in as well. I write it on the calendar in the kitchen so both my husband and I can get the chores done. Our cleaning schedule for a week looks like this:

Basic Cleaning schedule

Make a schedule that fits for you and leave what doesn’t! What have you found useful?

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