Finance Friday: My top 5 selling apps

You’re inspired by Marie Kondo and you’re ready to donate half of your house. Me too! Less stuff means less to clean, less anxiety, and possibly a little extra cash this weekend. Before you toss everything in the donation bin, give it a look through to see if you can sell the items for a little extra cash.

Start by glancing around your office chair. Is there a camera you haven’t used in years? A scanner gathering dust? A cute Disney swimsuit that your baby wore once and grew out of? Girl, list that stuff!

The best part of selling my stuff is not only the money I gain, but the fact that the item will be useful to another family. A bit of a nicer way to look at things then the “one mans trash is another mans treasure.”

Get out your best KonMari boxes and let’s make some money!

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  • Facebook Marketplace: I get most of my sells here for baby and toddler items. I usually get inquiries within 8 hours of posting an item on my local marketplace.
  • Letgo: This is my backup to selling baby items. I like that I can see how many views my items get, and I can reach a larger audience nationwide.
  • Mercari: This one was new to me. I do love the easy to use interface and the lack of clutter on listings. When using Mercari, I like to list the price written on the 1st picture, since that seems to get me more traffic and comments.
  • Nextdoor: While this app is not primarily a selling app, I use it to sell items to my neighbors. I like that this is local, and I know buyers are in my community. I’ve sold baby diapers, clothing, and computer hardware on here.
  • OfferUp: I’ve had better luck selling technology here. OfferUp makes it easy for buyers to test price flexibility and offer to pay shipping if they live far away. I recently sold a graphics card here and getting paid was a secure and easy process. This app seems to have the largest audience yet, with each of my listings getting 50+ views within a day.

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