Play: The toddler years, 12 months- 24 months

You’ve made it to your first year! You officially have a toddler. Don’t worry, that image will settle in and eventually be fitting.

Weather you’re looking for a gift for a 1-year-olds party, or scoping out what the future brings, I’ve compiled a list of items you may need for the 12-24 month age group. View the list on Amazon here:

Furniture upgrades

You might need to upgrade your stroller. We needed something lighter and with more portability now that the infant car seat was no longer an option. I love the love the Summer Infant 3D flip.

If you don’t already have one, a large changing pad is handy for adventures with your on the go toddler. This changing pad is extra large, and I use it at parks, in the back of my car, and on planes. Pretty handy!

A toddler size table and chairs for your rapidly growing babe. This LATT table by Ikea is $40 for a table and two chairs. We love how inexpensive it is and how easy it is to paint and customize.

Kids Learning Tower! There are many out there. I recommend scoping out your local markets for any second hand or locally made products. A learning tower is perfect for washing hands, helping cook (when it’s safe), and for crafts! Perfect for toddlers who are becoming more independent.

Potty training time!

Ok, you don’t want to force potty training on any child, they will be ready when they are ready. However, it is ok to introduce baby to these items so they can get used to them.

  • The Summer Infant Training Potty looks like a regular toilet, and the kids can mimic you. I also love that there is a place for wipes on the back.
  • Cloth Training Pants. There are so many cute designs to choose from! They aren’t meant to hold much, but they are meant to start teaching kids to feel when they are wet. I love that they are reusable, so environmentally friendly and economical too.
  • Potty Books. Any potty book. Choose a character your child likes, and normalize and explain the bathroom process to them. One day they’ll get curious and give it a try.
  • Ikea training potty is ideal for travel. Put it in the car for emergency stops on a road trip. Its simple design leaves few areas for bacteria to hide and makes cleaning easy.

Play time!

  • Painted Stones. Okay this is something you can do on your own. I’ll post a blog soon!
  • My First Christmas Tree is a super fun way to get into the spirit.
  • The eye droppers are huge, help with pincer grasp, and are handy during simple experiments.
  • Hape Wooden Builder kit
  • Threading apple keeps kids entertained for just under an hour
  • Melissa & Doug latch board helps teach fine motor skills
  • Doctor Kit. I prefer wood. I use this to help any doctor office anxiety my toddler has
  • Battat stacking rings and shape sorter is a beautiful playroom upgrade for your toddler.
  • Wooden Rainbow Stacker. It’s a versatile toy you see all over Instagram. Its popular for a reason!
  • Melissa & Doug cleaning set. Montessori approved, teach your child to clean up.
  • Contigo Water Bottles with straws. I use these for water only when we travel to parks. The lid also keeps small snacks.
  • Take N Toss cups are kept in our diaper bag for water cups at restaurants.
  • Munchkin snack cups. My toddler eats in the car with… less of a mess.
  • Nuby Stages toothbrushes. I love that this set has every piece you need for the first 2 years.
  • HABA bubble bath whisk. We want clean to be fun!
  • Giant activity cube. In this age group it’s just fun to toss around.
  • Books: Jane Goodall, Hero Vs. Villan, Moon Landing. Everyone needs more books!
  • Ride on toys. Any will do! I personally love any animal fun shaped toyds.
  • Cozy Coupe. This is a classic! I got a good deal on mine from Kohls! Check your deals, and check them twice.
  • Rocking horse. My mother in law found one in Goodwill for $3.
  • Push toy popper! It’s a classic toy. Even before my tot could walk, she liked to push it sitting down to get the balls popping.
  • Walker toy. I personally love wooden toys. They are much more durable and timeless.
  • Step 2 Play Kitchen. Any Play Kitchen. These are perfect for toddlers because they are so easily customize able.
  • Play eggs. I like this set because the carton is a realistic color, versus the bright yellow I typically see.
  • Ikea felt fruit and vegetable baskets. This comes with mushrooms and garlic! It’s totally cute.
  • Melissa & Doug metal pots and pans. My child has better kitchen ware then I do. The bonus for my house hold is that the dogs can’t chew on metal!
  • Wood toy mixer! I love the feel of wooden toys and this kit is so cute!
  • Travel ID bracelets. I got these for our upcoming trip with my energetic toddler. I wrote my name and number on the bracelet in case we get seperated.
  • Safari Tails book. We like to flip through the book and describe what we see, hear, and feel.
  • My Big Day activity book! Super awesome for travelling. I only bring it out for trips, so there is a sense of excitement around it.
  • Travel kit with various toys. If you’re in a pinch for your trip, this kit has a lot of good ideas. Water Wow book, lacing toy, cards, crayons, and paper.
  • Toy Cash Register! My tot loves to play with this in the toy store, and has started taking note when we shop. Pretend play starts to peek up after 1 year!
  • Mega Blocks Legos. Classic.
  • Apron and brushes. This is perfect for water painting!
  • B. Toys keys! We all get to grab our keys when its time to go.
  • Fat Brain toys: Buttons and pops. Both of these help with fine motor skills and encourage concentration! We talk about the colors and sounds with these.
  • Bamboo stacker toy. This is great for themed play!

Phew. It’s a long list but here you go! Here’s to another year of fun and exploration.

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