Play: Product recommendations for the first 6 months

A lot has changed. There’s so much you need for baby and yourself! I’ve attached what I found useful, and I will explain why I recommend each item. Take what works for you and leave what doesn’t.

Here is the list on Amazon (note: This is not an affiliate link and I do not make any money off of this. I wish I did):

Muslin blankets are worth the hype in my opinion because they have the best prints. A baby memory book, because I’m a sucker for nostalgia and you may as well start while you remember. Baby Signs book, you can start early! Nail Scissors, well recommended and they slice nails like butter. Colorful Sassy links for stimulation. Toy chest to hold all the books and toys.

Gas Drops, Gripe Water, and Vitamin D drops: things you don’t remember that you need but should get before you need them. Aveeno baby cream for that rough winter skin. Aquaphor baby butt cream is so highly regarded because it consistently works.

Hatch Nursery: White noise, it’s 100% needed. Shhhh, Baby Shusher also a marvelous invention.

Haakaa. This is for mama. Keep this everywhere. Keep it next to the feeding station so you can catch drops from the opposite side while baby nurses. Keep it in your purse in case you can’t use the mechanical pump. Keep it in the car in case there is a traffic jam.

Nested Bean Sleep sacks: many new parents spend big money here, Nested Bean is worth it! We used the Chicco KeyFit30 carseat, but really any will do. A diaper changing pad will fit easily on top of a dresser. A wipe warmer will save you several tears during winter. Diaper trash bags are awesome for outings.

Bottle bag to keep that liquid gold cold. A play gym, Skip Hop and Lovevery are my favorites! Changing pad because bathrooms are rarely stocked. A Diaper bad, kind of obvious, but I recommend having 2 if you can; one for you and one for husband (or to use as your pumping bag). Childproofing isn’t 100% neccessairy when baby is not mobile, but it’s often left half done.

Hygeine: nail clippers, thermometer, medicine syringe, nose bulb, and brushes. All of those items will get used eventually! Graco play yard, we used the pack and play as the babys main sleeping arrangement for the first 10 months since baby was in our room. Baby carrier: Get one. It lets you comfort your baby while you can walk around and have free hands to do things like eat. Owlet is pricey, but we used it to help ease our anxiety. We used ours for the first year. Graco DuoSoothe does everything! It swings, it rocks, it vibrates. It was the only place I could get baby to nap (supervised) the first 9 months of life. Worth every penny.

Bassinet: We co slept for the first 4 months, a bassinet makes sleeping closer a bit safer. Bottle warmer is an easy way to warm milk while losing the least amounts of nutrients as possible. Bottle sterilizer helped to really clean all those bottle and pump parts when baby was still tiny. Wipes are obvious. Haba is one of my favorite toy brands! I love wood toys!

Stacking cups are easy to bath time play and dry play. Bottle brushes make sink washing easy, and should be changed out once a month (I got 6 for my baby shower which kept me pretty well stocked). Boon Lawn is spacious for all the bottle and pump pieces to dry, and allows for great air flow. Boon Twig (and flower) are beautiful little accessories that give you some verticle space for smaller bottle pieces. FridaBaby snot sucker and saline mist will get used up within the first year, at least the mist in case you are not good with the sucker.

FridaBaby humidifier is a double threat because you can also diffuse lavender essential oils in it. Baby play gym in black and white for great contrast. Tails book for vibrant contrast. Skip Hop dino toy was loved by my baby, we have their unicorn too. Sassy development bumpy ball is super fun and easy to grasp.

I hope you found these useful! Comment below what items you loved!

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