Play: Flying with a toddler

What’s in a bag?

When flying with a toddler first thing you need is sleep. Ok, stop laughing. I’m sure as a parent you are getting plenty of sleep. So much sleep. /s

Next week the tot and I are taking a 5 hour flight. In an effort to preserve my sanity, I wanted to be prepared. Toddlers are no joke. They are independent and have boundless energy. Here is what we are bringing in our carryon:

The airplane bag

1 Bag. Obviously.

Diapering: 4 diapers, wipes, changing pad, cream

1 Change of clothes, 1 set of PJs

1 Power bank. Screen time to the rescue!

1 Kids headphones

2 Sets of $1 flash cards, thank you Target

2 Melissa & Doug Water Wow! books

1 Crayola Color Wonder Books with markers. I got these on clearance!

1 Tour La Monde avec Mouk, book with reusable stickers

2 Touch and feel books

1 Etch a Sketch

1 Comfort toy, the dinosaur

1 Tupperware container with homemade play doh, animals, washi tape, and pipe cleaners

1 Emergency contact information band

A LOT OF SNACKS. All of them. Those will be packed closer to the departure of our trip. I plan to bring anything that will fit in there.

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