Play: Cheap activity

Looking for a way to engage your little car lover? This activity is easy to set up, and you can usually use things you already have around the house.

What you need:

-Cars. Pictured below are 2 Oball cars I got for $6

-Tape. Any tape will do, I used masking tape.

-Markers or Crayons. I used white board markers we got at the dollar store. a pack of 4 set us back $1

-Shower Curtain Liner (If you’re using markers). We got our at the dollar store.

The beauty of this activity is that you can set it up anywhere. We have used this to play in our driveway, in the front room, at a park. The toddler and I would have coloring races and draw nonsense on the liner.

Vroom vroom

If you’ve done this activity, share below!

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