Opening up our baby box stash

My husband and I have collected some baby things over the past 8 years of our relationship. I picked it up in fever when our TTC timeline moved closer. It started out with a batman bib.

It started out with a Batman bid, how did it end up like this?

The answer is my lack of self control and susceptibility to impulse buying and retail therapy. Some if the items were limed release. I’ve also collected freebies, clearance items, and things that were just too cute to pass up!

Marvel at my lack of impulse control

My only worry is that I know people love to give baby clothes and toys at a baby shower. So I’m a tad worried that we will end up with a bajiollion clothing items. I think I will return what I can, save what I can for baby #2, and consign what ever else is unneeded.

Look at these outfits! 

I kept them varied in size and usually purchased on clearance. The narwhal onsies were not on clearance, but they are cute! And I have a book for them matching in my registry. Haha!

Fun stuff! 

I love the crib sheet. I’m not sure if family will really buy that for me or not. Not really sure if we will use pacifiers or not, depends on the babe, but Nuk and MAM were free and came in the baby boxes usually. The superhero ones were at Babies R Us years ago and were too cute to pass up!

From Japan! 

We got the blanket and socks in Japan. The blanket was expensive! It’s a Totoro muslin blanket purchased at the Ghibli shop in Tokyo Station. Cost just over $30, but worth it! I love it so much! The socks were purchased at the 5th station on top of Mount Fuji.

I love everything in my baby box and I’m excited to see it grow as we get closer to our due date!

Whats in your baby box? Did you end up with a surplus of anything?

Watch the Vloggity here:

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