10 Weeks pregnancy update

I guess it’s more of an introduction since I haven’t talked about my pregnancy on the blog or vlog.

This was taken at 4 weeks (obviously).

Well here we go! After years of waiting to try, and 4 months of trying we finally made a human!

Finding out we were pregnant

I got pregnant in May. I took a cheap pregnancy test that gave me a squinter. I was excited. I then took a digital test and was heartbroken that it came out negative. Turns out digital tests aren’t as sensitive. I felt like a roller coaster of emotions had let me down after 4 months of crying. I then went out for ice cream.

This was at 10 DPO.

I kept testing throughout the week, and the line kept getting darker! My digital showed up positive at 14 DPO (Days Past Ovulation) which is when I told my husband.

7 weeks

We had our first scan at 7 weeks! It was a transvaginal ultrasound. What was nice is that we could clearly see the heartbeat!


10 weeks

We got our next ultrasound at 10 weeks! This was a regular scan, and we still got a good picture of Baby Dracula. Seeing the baby is always such a relief because the pregnancy doesn’t feel real yet. And also I always worry about Baby Dracula. Always and forever. At this appointment they did a routine physical, drew 5 vials of blood too. I have lost 1 pound at this point in my pregnancy.


Next step

Our next ultrasound is at 12 weeks. We do all the chromosome testing where they draw 10 vials of blood and an NT scan too. We may actually find out the sex with the blood test since they can test for the Y chromosome. I’m pretty stoked about that!

Did you learn anything new here today? How was your first trimester?

See the vlog here! 

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