Surviving the first trimester. SURVIVAL MODE ENGAGED!

As I write this, I am 10 weeks pregnant and still very bloated and nauseous.

We got a squinter!
If you squint you can see 2 lines on that test! TWO!

The first trimester is no joke. You have all sorts of crazy changes going on and crazy hormones too. You may feel tired, bloated, get headaches, get dehydrated more easily, feel nauseous, see changes in your appetite, changes in your mood… I could go on.

It’s so hard to believe something sooooo tiny could cause so much havoc, but here we are. When I’m not sleeping, I’m dry heaving at a toilet for 20 minuets. I’m sure my colleges appreciate that.

With my first trimester almost over, here are some suggestions on how to survive: 

  • Ginger ale, preggie pops, lemons, soup, and crackers.
  • When none of that worked: Diclegis (Prescription)
  • Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal
  • Rainbow Light DHA
  • Pill Bags (to divide on conquer)

*remember, your body can only absorb so much at one time. This is why I did not do a one a day vitamin. I use the pill bags to divide my pills between the AM/ PM. In the AM I take: 1 prenatal, 1  DHA, 1 magnesium. In the PM I take: 2 Prenatal, 1 magnesium, 2 Diclegis). Ultimately, you do you.*

You may notice some dry skin. The skin on my boobs, stomach, and face would flake and peel like a sunburn!

I was so bloated from week 4 that I stretched out my regular pants. Since I didn’t want to ruin my regular clothes, I bought some maternity clothes! Also my breasts were super sore, so having soft adjustable nursing bras really helped with my comfort. Places to check below:

  • Goodwill! Not all stores have a dedicated maternity section, but I got a belly band, 1 pant, and 3 shirts from there for about $3 each.
  • Ross. I got 3 jeans from there for about $12-15 each, a dress  at $12, a few shirts as well for about $8 each.
  • Target. I love Target. Target is life! I scoured their site for clearance and use cartwheel when I could and my Red Card.
  • Zulily. I got some solid basics from there like maternity bras, black tops.
  • Pinkblush maternity. Ok this is a splurge, but their dresses are so cute! They usually have a sale going on too.
  • Family. Some of your family may have clothes you can use. None of my family is my size that has been recently pregnant, so I didn’t count on that. However, my sister was awesome and bought me some dresses to survive summer!


What would you add to the survival kit? Did you find any awesome deals on maternity clothes? Let me know!

See the vlog here! 🙂 

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