Come! Enter into the glamorous world of TTC

Glamorous. Heh.

Pregnancy poodgeEvery woman who has ever been on the TCC (Trying To Conceive ) or TFAB (Trying For a Baby) train knows how crazy it is. It involves a lot of google, a lot of pee, and of course a lot of sex.

Tools you’ll need:

  • A sperm. Or egg.
  • A basal thermometer
  • OPK (Ovulation Predictor Kit) sticks. Cheap, and in bulk, because you will go through about 20 in a month.
  • Pre-seed, to make your vagina sperm friendly so we don’t set our sperm friends on fire.
  • A support community so you know you’re not totally insane.
  • Apps. I used Fertility Friend and learned so much.
  • Books. If you want something more physical. I read What to Expect Before You’re Expecting.
  • Lingerie. Or anything that will make you feel sexy and in the mood, because planned, necessary sex is lame.
  • Supplements! Pre-natals, DHA, Maca Root, Royal Jelly. Talk to your Doctor and rely on you support community, they will give you ideas you can bring up.

It took my husband and I 4 months of TTC before we were successful. I did not expect to be so emotional. Every month when my period showed up, I would spend a solid day or two depressed. I knew this wasn’t rational, most women take up to 6 months (and so many struggle for far longer). It just hurt, because my husband was so optimistic, and we are both so ready to be parents.

So let’s add these to the list too:

  • comfy lounge clothing
  • A dessert or treat of your choice
  • Your choice of comfort food

For me, we had a monthly ritual of going to Sonic to get a milkshake. We’d cuddle on the couch with our puppies and watch a TV show together. The whole TTC process, even though mine was short, was so mentally taxing.

Whats so glamorous about TTC is you will deal with SO MUCH PEE. YOU WILL PEE ON SO MANY STICKS and the post about it on a community for other people to see.  A tip, that I share in the vlog for testing at work: bring a bag with you. In the afternoon when you pee, test as you normally would, dry everything off with paper towel, put it in the Ziploc bag.

The things we do for tiny little humans.

How did you survive your TTV/ TFAB glamorous time frame? Was anything useful? Reply down below if you have anything to add!

Check out the Vlog:

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