WWT (waiting to try… and waiting some more)

What is waiting to try?

This is specifically about waiting to try to conceive. It can be an alienating time in life, since family is often pressuring you to have children, some of your peers may be far away from even wanting to children, but you and your partner want kids (and just aren’t ready yet).

Why wait?

My husband and I waited to try for about 3 years. We knew we wanted kids, but we both had goals we wanted to achieve. My goals were more solid than his, he wanted kids ASAP. I wanted to wait until we were married, I ran my marathon, and we went on your honeymoon. Everyone has their own list, some items are non negotiable, while others may be more flexible.

How do I survive?

waiting can be torturous! The best thing for me personally was finding a community. I found my home on a subreddit called waiting to try (r/waiting_to_try). I met some of the nicest and supportive ladies there. I also recommend that you write your goals in an organizer or calendar AND share it with your partner. That part is important: make sure you are on the same page! Another way to survive (or fan baby fever) is to slowly buy baby items. Alternatively you can set up a baby registry early, scope out baby freebies, and budget and stash money aside for baby items! This was actually fun for me (I’ll have a vlog on the baby haul later)! Baby Stuff haul jul1 (2).JPG

I can’t wait to share our journey with you all (the whole 3 people who will come across this haha)! Where are you at in your family planning journey? Or do you plan on being childfree? Comment below!

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