I got a vlog!

I started this blog with the mission to make people happy. It grew into a place where I talked about friendship, and vented about careers. Now it is growing again! I’ve added vlogging to build on top of the blog.

I will still use this blog as a creative outlet. In the vlog on YouTube I will share more of my life with you. The topics on both the vlog and blog are changing more to family, and careers. More specifically WWT, TTC/ TFAB, and pregnancy! That’s waiting to try, trying to conceive, trying for a baby for those of you who are just entering that world!

I feel pretty!
I felt pretty good today! This was actually taken a few weeks back, but it’s still a good photo of me!

Today I did a bit of filming! I filed my intro, my current baby stash, and a WTT intro as well! I can’t wait to share this with you all!

One thing that I personally favor vlogs for, is the YouTube playlist. I would often select a few videos and let YouTube play in the background as I cleaned the house or lounged around. I want to add to that content, because when you are planning for a family (if you are like me) you will absorb every bit of information you can get your hands on!

Writing a blog will allow me to be more personal and share a different aspect. They both have their strengths and I hope I can add to both!

Check out the (rough) vlog intro below!

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