Opening up our baby box stash

My husband and I have collected some baby things over the past 8 years of our relationship. I picked it up in fever when our TTC timeline moved closer. It started out with a batman bib.

It started out with a Batman bid, how did it end up like this?

The answer is my lack of self control and susceptibility to impulse buying and retail therapy. Some if the items were limed release. I’ve also collected freebies, clearance items, and things that were just too cute to pass up!

Marvel at my lack of impulse control

My only worry is that I know people love to give baby clothes and toys at a baby shower. So I’m a tad worried that we will end up with a bajiollion clothing items. I think I will return what I can, save what I can for baby #2, and consign what ever else is unneeded.

Look at these outfits! 

I kept them varied in size and usually purchased on clearance. The narwhal onsies were not on clearance, but they are cute! And I have a book for them matching in my registry. Haha!

Fun stuff! 

I love the crib sheet. I’m not sure if family will really buy that for me or not. Not really sure if we will use pacifiers or not, depends on the babe, but Nuk and MAM were free and came in the baby boxes usually. The superhero ones were at Babies R Us years ago and were too cute to pass up!

From Japan! 

We got the blanket and socks in Japan. The blanket was expensive! It’s a Totoro muslin blanket purchased at the Ghibli shop in Tokyo Station. Cost just over $30, but worth it! I love it so much! The socks were purchased at the 5th station on top of Mount Fuji.

I love everything in my baby box and I’m excited to see it grow as we get closer to our due date!

Whats in your baby box? Did you end up with a surplus of anything?

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10 Weeks pregnancy update

I guess it’s more of an introduction since I haven’t talked about my pregnancy on the blog or vlog.

This was taken at 4 weeks (obviously).

Well here we go! After years of waiting to try, and 4 months of trying we finally made a human!

Finding out we were pregnant

I got pregnant in May. I took a cheap pregnancy test that gave me a squinter. I was excited. I then took a digital test and was heartbroken that it came out negative. Turns out digital tests aren’t as sensitive. I felt like a roller coaster of emotions had let me down after 4 months of crying. I then went out for ice cream.

This was at 10 DPO.

I kept testing throughout the week, and the line kept getting darker! My digital showed up positive at 14 DPO (Days Past Ovulation) which is when I told my husband.

7 weeks

We had our first scan at 7 weeks! It was a transvaginal ultrasound. What was nice is that we could clearly see the heartbeat!


10 weeks

We got our next ultrasound at 10 weeks! This was a regular scan, and we still got a good picture of Baby Dracula. Seeing the baby is always such a relief because the pregnancy doesn’t feel real yet. And also I always worry about Baby Dracula. Always and forever. At this appointment they did a routine physical, drew 5 vials of blood too. I have lost 1 pound at this point in my pregnancy.


Next step

Our next ultrasound is at 12 weeks. We do all the chromosome testing where they draw 10 vials of blood and an NT scan too. We may actually find out the sex with the blood test since they can test for the Y chromosome. I’m pretty stoked about that!

Did you learn anything new here today? How was your first trimester?

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Attack of the FREEBIES

I love freebies, don’t you? You get a chance to try something new, a little bonus to stash away for travelling of when you are in a budget pinch.

I’ve compiled a list of freebies I have taken advantage of, and some low cost items.

Freebie hunting time
My husband and I ran around all day!

Registry freebies: 

  • Target. I actually liked this one! There were a lot of samples! We got a pacifier, Avent bottle, breast pads, milks bags, boogie wipe samples and coupons! The bummer here is that some of the coupons were expired.
  • Babies R Us. I liked this one too. It didn’t have as much, but I thought the items were bigger. We got a diaper clutch, MAM bottle with Pacifier, and a Twist breastfeeding starter kit. No coupons for us.
  • Amazon. We haven’t gotten this one yet, but I will update once we get one. You have to be a Prime member, and you get the box once something is purchased off of your registry.

freebie samle

Some other freebies:

What did you find useful? Are there any items you are on the lookout for? Let me know below!

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Surviving the first trimester. SURVIVAL MODE ENGAGED!

As I write this, I am 10 weeks pregnant and still very bloated and nauseous.

We got a squinter!
If you squint you can see 2 lines on that test! TWO!

The first trimester is no joke. You have all sorts of crazy changes going on and crazy hormones too. You may feel tired, bloated, get headaches, get dehydrated more easily, feel nauseous, see changes in your appetite, changes in your mood… I could go on.

It’s so hard to believe something sooooo tiny could cause so much havoc, but here we are. When I’m not sleeping, I’m dry heaving at a toilet for 20 minuets. I’m sure my colleges appreciate that.

With my first trimester almost over, here are some suggestions on how to survive: 

  • Ginger ale, preggie pops, lemons, soup, and crackers.
  • When none of that worked: Diclegis (Prescription)
  • Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal
  • Rainbow Light DHA
  • Pill Bags (to divide on conquer)

*remember, your body can only absorb so much at one time. This is why I did not do a one a day vitamin. I use the pill bags to divide my pills between the AM/ PM. In the AM I take: 1 prenatal, 1  DHA, 1 magnesium. In the PM I take: 2 Prenatal, 1 magnesium, 2 Diclegis). Ultimately, you do you.*

You may notice some dry skin. The skin on my boobs, stomach, and face would flake and peel like a sunburn!

I was so bloated from week 4 that I stretched out my regular pants. Since I didn’t want to ruin my regular clothes, I bought some maternity clothes! Also my breasts were super sore, so having soft adjustable nursing bras really helped with my comfort. Places to check below:

  • Goodwill! Not all stores have a dedicated maternity section, but I got a belly band, 1 pant, and 3 shirts from there for about $3 each.
  • Ross. I got 3 jeans from there for about $12-15 each, a dress  at $12, a few shirts as well for about $8 each.
  • Target. I love Target. Target is life! I scoured their site for clearance and use cartwheel when I could and my Red Card.
  • Zulily. I got some solid basics from there like maternity bras, black tops.
  • Pinkblush maternity. Ok this is a splurge, but their dresses are so cute! They usually have a sale going on too.
  • Family. Some of your family may have clothes you can use. None of my family is my size that has been recently pregnant, so I didn’t count on that. However, my sister was awesome and bought me some dresses to survive summer!


What would you add to the survival kit? Did you find any awesome deals on maternity clothes? Let me know!

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Come! Enter into the glamorous world of TTC

Glamorous. Heh.

Pregnancy poodgeEvery woman who has ever been on the TCC (Trying To Conceive ) or TFAB (Trying For a Baby) train knows how crazy it is. It involves a lot of google, a lot of pee, and of course a lot of sex.

Tools you’ll need:

  • A sperm. Or egg.
  • A basal thermometer
  • OPK (Ovulation Predictor Kit) sticks. Cheap, and in bulk, because you will go through about 20 in a month.
  • Pre-seed, to make your vagina sperm friendly so we don’t set our sperm friends on fire.
  • A support community so you know you’re not totally insane.
  • Apps. I used Fertility Friend and learned so much.
  • Books. If you want something more physical. I read What to Expect Before You’re Expecting.
  • Lingerie. Or anything that will make you feel sexy and in the mood, because planned, necessary sex is lame.
  • Supplements! Pre-natals, DHA, Maca Root, Royal Jelly. Talk to your Doctor and rely on you support community, they will give you ideas you can bring up.

It took my husband and I 4 months of TTC before we were successful. I did not expect to be so emotional. Every month when my period showed up, I would spend a solid day or two depressed. I knew this wasn’t rational, most women take up to 6 months (and so many struggle for far longer). It just hurt, because my husband was so optimistic, and we are both so ready to be parents.

So let’s add these to the list too:

  • comfy lounge clothing
  • A dessert or treat of your choice
  • Your choice of comfort food

For me, we had a monthly ritual of going to Sonic to get a milkshake. We’d cuddle on the couch with our puppies and watch a TV show together. The whole TTC process, even though mine was short, was so mentally taxing.

Whats so glamorous about TTC is you will deal with SO MUCH PEE. YOU WILL PEE ON SO MANY STICKS and the post about it on a community for other people to see.  A tip, that I share in the vlog for testing at work: bring a bag with you. In the afternoon when you pee, test as you normally would, dry everything off with paper towel, put it in the Ziploc bag.

The things we do for tiny little humans.

How did you survive your TTV/ TFAB glamorous time frame? Was anything useful? Reply down below if you have anything to add!

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WWT (waiting to try… and waiting some more)

What is waiting to try?

This is specifically about waiting to try to conceive. It can be an alienating time in life, since family is often pressuring you to have children, some of your peers may be far away from even wanting to children, but you and your partner want kids (and just aren’t ready yet).

Why wait?

My husband and I waited to try for about 3 years. We knew we wanted kids, but we both had goals we wanted to achieve. My goals were more solid than his, he wanted kids ASAP. I wanted to wait until we were married, I ran my marathon, and we went on your honeymoon. Everyone has their own list, some items are non negotiable, while others may be more flexible.

How do I survive?

waiting can be torturous! The best thing for me personally was finding a community. I found my home on a subreddit called waiting to try (r/waiting_to_try). I met some of the nicest and supportive ladies there. I also recommend that you write your goals in an organizer or calendar AND share it with your partner. That part is important: make sure you are on the same page! Another way to survive (or fan baby fever) is to slowly buy baby items. Alternatively you can set up a baby registry early, scope out baby freebies, and budget and stash money aside for baby items! This was actually fun for me (I’ll have a vlog on the baby haul later)! Baby Stuff haul jul1 (2).JPG

I can’t wait to share our journey with you all (the whole 3 people who will come across this haha)! Where are you at in your family planning journey? Or do you plan on being childfree? Comment below!

I got a vlog!

I started this blog with the mission to make people happy. It grew into a place where I talked about friendship, and vented about careers. Now it is growing again! I’ve added vlogging to build on top of the blog.

I will still use this blog as a creative outlet. In the vlog on YouTube I will share more of my life with you. The topics on both the vlog and blog are changing more to family, and careers. More specifically WWT, TTC/ TFAB, and pregnancy! That’s waiting to try, trying to conceive, trying for a baby for those of you who are just entering that world!

I feel pretty!
I felt pretty good today! This was actually taken a few weeks back, but it’s still a good photo of me!

Today I did a bit of filming! I filed my intro, my current baby stash, and a WTT intro as well! I can’t wait to share this with you all!

One thing that I personally favor vlogs for, is the YouTube playlist. I would often select a few videos and let YouTube play in the background as I cleaned the house or lounged around. I want to add to that content, because when you are planning for a family (if you are like me) you will absorb every bit of information you can get your hands on!

Writing a blog will allow me to be more personal and share a different aspect. They both have their strengths and I hope I can add to both!

Check out the (rough) vlog intro below!