Happiness is traveling to surprise your family

We all wear leather jackets on an airplane, right?

First comes the idea. The thought of traveling somewhere for some purpose. Perhaps in Bali for romance, of Vegas for fun. In my case, it was Maryland for a surprise!

After the idea came the financing. My half sister (who has 6 month old twins. We’ll just call her J) had a crazy idea of flying me out to Maryland to meet the babies, and to surprise our sister (we’ll call her H) at her baby shower. Since most of my pay check goes to my mortgage and student loans, I definitely did not have the cash to travel, so she offered to pay half.

With the plan in motion, I set to pack everything! This included a swimsuit for the temperamental east coast and gifts for my host and the baby shower! My days became preoccupied with the planning and excitement for the trip. This helped me to save money… I would spend so much time daydreaming that I wouldn’t feel the need to go out for some retail therapy!

My flight out to Maryland was just fine. I was lucky enough to have an empty seat next to me! On the flight I turned out to be pretty anxious. This would only be my second time ever seeing my half sister J, and I would be meeting her twins and husband for the first time ever. In fact, this man I never met would be picking me up from the airport. What if the babies were scared of me? What if he thought I was weird? What if I wasn’t helpful enough? What if … jeez. So much insecurity!

The Inflight movie was Ride Along 2, so I settled for a book and music.

Anyway… Everything went perfectly there. Once I landed my brother in law had so much to talk about that there was never a moment of silence! He was like an older version of my husband. And the babies… the babies, bunnies, and dogs all were amazing!

Eventually J, the babies, and myself made it to NJ. J had planned to meet H at our hotel and she was on her way! J, the babies, and I settled down for dinner in the lobby keeping an eye on the door. The moment of truth came when H entered. I could tell it took a moment to process. H and her brood stood for a few moments before she began to cry (those pregnancy hormones are crazy).

All in all, it was a crazy weekend full of surprise and spit ups. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!


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