Happiness is having best friends

The title of “Best Friend” to some is a competitive title. There are tears, shoulders are cried on, hugs are squeezed out, homework is shared, memories are made, dates are vetted. Girls fight for the position, and get jealous when others are given the title to share. This person, or sometimes persons, is the one who stands by your side as you grow into a wonderful human. Sometimes you have one best friend. Sometimes two. Sometimes you change friends, since sometimes a best friend is just who you really need in that period of time.

I had a best friend in high school. She was exactly what I needed. A real friend who wasn’t a compulsive liar about everything. Someone who challenged me to be smart and embrace challenge, and who also grew my artistic nature. Losing her friendship was hard. Breaking up with a friend will be a topic for another post.

Luckily, I kept two wonderful ladies from high school. Equally, they set the bar high for intelligence. I gained confidence in my academics as AP classes and college were expected routes in our circle of friends. This was something that was new to me. My family never expected much of me and even encouraged me to drop out of college at some point. After high school we separated to colleges in different states and shared troubles in making new friends. Lindsey went to Oregon, Arielle went to Texas, and I spent some time in Idaho before finishing college in our home state of Arizona.

When I got engaged, Arielle and Lindsey were the first names to come to my mind. I never thought of anyone else. I sent them Pokeball announcements that read somewhere along the lines of “I choose you to be my bridesmaids!” It was juvenile and nerdy, a total throwback for some of us! They held fast through the stress of a wedding and proved to be just the right kind of grounded people I needed in my life as I was not prepared for the drama others would bring to my wedding.

Post wedding our friendship remained strong. We shared IUD insertion experiences, lamented about our jobs together, and share funny thoughts. We’ve travelled between states for each other and make plans for future trips. We’ve had a conversation going between the three of us on the Facebook messenger APP for what seems to be years now with no signs of slowing.

These ladies taught me to be a wonderful human. We allow each other to rant. We allow each other to let the rough edges of our human nature show, and we support the good ideas while providing advice for the ones that need refinement.  I am so lucky to have them.

Any relationship is tricky. Some friendships will last forever. Some will only last a period of time even if they seem like they will never end. Every friendship will serve a purpose and you will learn from it and grow.

Lindsey and Arielle are my best friends, and I fucking love them! ❤

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