Happiness is found in Whole Foods!

13173908_10205979359754216_1470982378314936250_n.jpgQueue angelic singing praises!

I pride myself in eating mostly healthy foods. I work out, I eat to fuel my body, I buy healthy foods… and usually half way through my day I crack and buy something sweet. *ahem* Anyway. One day I paid my first visit to Whole Foods. I am a west side Arizona girl, and Whole Foods is on the East side of town about 40 minutes away from me. I came here only by happenstance.

My Portlandian friend lovingly dubs Whole Foods “Whole Paycheck” because of the prices and amazing variety of foods available. I went in to merely stroll around, and ended up dropping $30!

I mean, can you blame me? Just look at those sweets all tucked away behind that case. Clearly they all needed to be freed. 🙂 Glad I could help.

2 thoughts on “Happiness is found in Whole Foods!

  1. They’re opening a 365 store (the While Foods store brand that’s cheaper) near my house next month! I think they’ll open some up in other states later on this year too, hopefully you’ll get one. 😀 I just love being able to get so much stuff that’s dairy-free.


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