Happiness in fantasies

I’ve reached my slump at work again.

Every summer, I hit a slump at work. I start to hate my job. I dread the beep in my ear, I feel like my butt is deflating in my seat, and my headaches are almost psychosomatic. I call this S.A.D. for summer. I love my company and benefits, but call centers are so draining.

Every morning on my commute to work, I fantasize about pretty much anything. The number one fantasy is that of my dream job- and no surprise here- but it doesn’t include a call center. My ideal morning would start out by teaching yoga in a studio filled with fluffy kittens/ puppies/ bunnies. Sometimes yoga involves a therapeutic purpose helping children with disabilities. After yoga, I go to work volunteering. Cleaning animal cages as shelters, hiking and doing environmental surveys, teaching something, and overall just being useful. A call center does not fit into my fantasy.

I want something more from my career. I want diverse responsibilities. I want to not be chained to my desk. I want to work inside and outside. I want to be useful in this wonderful world.

Sometimes I think I want to much. Is it so bad that my job pays my bills? It has great stability, awesome benefits, the company is innovative and listens to it’s employees.  How can one tell if the issue is the company, the job, or oneself?

My first adult job is at my current company. I have been in a call center for 3 years, and I want out. *sigh* Time to do yoga with my puppies! 11230855_10204608192195884_5018366415779690605_n

2 thoughts on “Happiness in fantasies

  1. I’m going to start volunteering again, I use a website called handsongreaterportland, I bet there’s something similar in Phoenix!


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